Washington DNR Releases Tsunami Simulation Videos For Entire Washington Coast, Including Columbia River Mouth

New videos show how large tsunami waves are likely to impact the coast of Washington state.

Scientists with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources have released a series of modeled simulation videos that show tsunamis started by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone.

The simulations show the estimated height and speed of waves that are expected to reach Washington communities minutes after the next Cascadia earthquake.

The videos show Cascadia tsunami wave simulations for the entire Washington coast, as well as localized views for Bellingham and the San Juan Islands.

The simulations show the first waves reaching the outer coast in about 15 minutes. The tsunami then travels through the Strait of Juan de Fuca and into Puget Sound, reaching the Tacoma waterfront about two hours and 30 minutes after the earthquake.

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