New West Coast Offshore Wind Science Consortium: ‘Essential Offshore Wind Energy Developed In Environmentally, Socially Responsible Ways’

June 21st, 2024

A new West Coast collaboration for offshore wind science was announced last month. The Pacific Offshore Wind Consortium is a joint effort between three research centers: the Schatz Energy Research Center at Cal Poly Humboldt, the Pacific Marine Energy Center at Oregon State University, and the Center for Coastal Marine Sciences at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

NE Oregon Sees Outbreak Of Poisoning Cases That Includes Wolves, Cows, Eagles, Dogs, Cougar, Coyote

May 17th, 2024

Oregon investigators found a cow carcass laced with poison in a creek in the Imnaha River drainage. The target was likely a wolf, the latest poisoning in a disturbing trend that has killed 19 wolves in Oregon since 2015. Whatever the target, the collateral damage in northeast Oregon’s ongoing poisoning cases now includes golden eagles, dogs, and other carnivores.